Wednesday, 2 May 2018


Welcome to the blog.  An engineering  student who joins Electronics / Electrical / Telecommunication engineering course or a Physics undergraduate who joins his postgraduate physics course will quickly receive an information. Electromagnetics / Electromagnetic theory paper which is going to appear in your future semesters is a hard subject. If you don't take any extra steps to understand the subject, you are sure to fail in the paper. The trouble with the paper is that it involves tedious mathematical concepts like vectors, calculus ............. etc which makes the understanding of the subject bit complicated. Because of this, newly joined lecturers find it difficult to teach engineering electromagnetics and electromagnetic theory. An attempt has been made in this blog to simplify the concepts of electromagnetics so that student will easily understand the subject . If you are serious and if you go through the blog sincerely then understanding the EMT paper is guaranteed which will result in gaining good marks  in your exam either the exam be a university exam or any other competitive exam. 

 A textbook titled "Electromagnetics made easy" will be published soon and the author provides free tuition's to students on EM theory. Information on free  tuition's on Electromagnetics / EM theory and a textbook titled "Electromagnetics made easy" is available in this blog. First two chapters of the textbook is available for free download.  Remaining chapters are being written and will be available soon. The subject is explained in the book and the free tuition's, such that the reader will find as if, it is like a story telling or seeing a movie. The student will like and love the EMT paper like anything if he goes through the book seriously (the student can verify the above statement by reading the free downloadable chapters). Naturally the student thus develops an interest in the subject and so the result is, clearing of his/her exam.  In your future semesters number of advanced papers like Transmissions lines, wave guides, radars, Antennas .......... etc will appear, for which the base is engineering electromagnetics paper. Without understanding EMT paper the reader cannot understand the above said topics. So spend some time in reading the free downloadable chapters. 

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Note that free tuition's are provided to the students by the author of the book. More about the author and free tuition's  in the following page click here 

The author has a pleasure in interacting with students. In his limited free time the author answers questions or any other doubts the students has in the EMT paper, free of charge. If you interested in asking a question or your doubt send your question to

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